This is it.

For those old school gamers who are confused: Igor Itzelf (igoritzelf) = Rich DeBarba, sorry if the invite was confusing.

This is where overall histories and master wikis and forums for the Tazar Campaign world is kept. Items and Characters isolated to specific campaigns will have their own wiki entries on their pages, here will be kept the universal ‘Canon’ wiki, items, and Characters lists. If a particular Campaign’s Character(s) or NPCs, or Items, gain Historical significance or span more than one campaign, then an entry will be made for it here with complete information. That Campaign’s entry can have a link pointing to the entry here.

We’ll see how things go, at times I may move entire chuncks here and leave the individual campaigns with mere links to the content.

If you join and I already have one or more of your characters out there, I will change ownership to you so that you can flesh out their bios and descriptions as much as you want.

When adding Characters, I am trying to tag them with a term that des desciptive of the campaign they were in. Like the Heroes of Haven, I am tagging as “haven.” Others are being tagged as “poison-world” or “evil-campaign,” etc. If a character made notable appearances in more than one of those I am trying to tag them all. Feel free to add or create tags as you see useful. I may choose to edit or compile those tags if I see redundancy.

Tazar Core

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