Lawrence (II)

Minor noble with a ring of Charm. Would go on to found Lawrenceton.


This particular Lawrence is the primary Lawrence that the Party (Evos-Prall Era) dealt with. He is the Grandson of Lawrence (I) and father of Lawrence (III)


Lawrence’s Father was a hard worker in the Smithing industry, But lawrence preferred to get by on his charm, wit, and good looks, Like his grandfather, Lawrence (I) who never seemed to want for anything. Upon reaching the age of 20, his grandfather let him in on the family secret and gave him a gift, a ring that made the wearer seem more handsome and their viewpoints seem much more reasonable to the listener. Aditionally, when needed, the wearer could Charm someone they were speaking with as the spell, Charm Person.

While his grandfather was content to use this to keep his bills paid, Lawrence was much more ambitious befriending countless merchants and nobles, and eventually founding his own city. All the while, conning those same various nobles and merchants out of their “excess wealth.”

He eventually Passed the ring on to his son, Lawrence (III) so that he could take over the governing of the town.

Lawrence (II)

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