The most valuable Cursed Greatsword ever.

weapon (melee)

-2 cursed Greatsword.
Speaks any language
detects Good, Evil, precious metals, and invisible at will.
Can also determine the exact location, relative to itself, of any object of which it (or his holder)has personal knowledge or that can be precisely described.
This distance is always given in how many times Finder would have to be laid end to end in a straight line to get to the object or person, AKA Finder-lengths. (1 finder-length 6’4").

Finder’s Personality is very deoressed, with a low feeling of self worth. he normally has to be convinced to help find something, always assuming that his efforts will prove wrong or worse, lead to disaster.


Finder was one of the first seven swords created By Schmeldrick when they arrives on Tazar.


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