Harrison's Fabulous Apparatus

large device able to move energy, souls, and magic between objects placed within it.


This object has many small tubes and glass chanbers and bulbs as well as three large glass bulbs, large enough for a human to fit comfortably (or some larger creature uncomfortably).

the various small and large bulbs act as receptacles for vaious substances and harrison can use the device to give one item various properties of other items, or combine those items into a third item. For instance he could place a block of wood and an ingot of steel into two of the varied chambers and give the wood the strength of steel or make the steel flammable, or but a third object in and give it properties from the wood and the steel. Or as an example of the latter function, the apparatuscould have a dog and a Man placed in it and have them merged into a dogman with properties and memories of both the Dog and the man.

The apparatus can be used on mundane or magical object, living or dead creatures, or literally anything that can be contained somehow in one of the many bulbs.


A group of adventurers found an item in a mithral mine that they did not know how to deal with.
As noted here.
They showed it to Harrison, who determined that it could be used to move energy from one plce to another through a living conduit. Evil Priests were using it to use captured souls of innocent creatures to fuel the creation of powerful magic items. He used a function of the then primative device to free all of the captured souls. Has since been tinkering and building upon this device sporadically throughout the ages and developed it into the Apparatus it is today.

Harrison's Fabulous Apparatus

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