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  • Kaboom!

    His real name is lost to the ages, but he will forever be known as the wizard who killed himself and nearly all of his companions field testing a wand of fireballs.

  • Rasputin

    Legendary for defeating XirXes, the Avatar of War with his bare hands.

  • Diva

    Came to Tazar with Maxwell Darius through a Cubic Gate that was destroyed upon transition.

  • Maxwell Darius

    Came to Tazar with Diva through a Cubic Gate that was destroyed upon transition. Later was made Verrater's Avatar of Retribution.

  • Aksel Shon

    Later contracted Lycanthropy. An experimental sacrifice to Chaon "Cured" him by making him the Avatar of Lycanthropy.

  • Saul Lucas

    Found the Mystic Robes of the Waterfall Mages and later became known for his flowing, perhaps living robes, with his Tiny Dog Familiar peeking out from the folds from time to time.

  • Erassmus

    Studied Necromancy under Yaegus, who later ascended to the God of Death.

  • Lance Goodfellow

    Fought side by side many great warriors in his struggle to triumph over evil. Was eventually conquered by malicia, who transformed him into a female. Unable to cope with this change, Lance allowed himself to be eaten by a Dragon. (Which was later slain …