1st Age.

During the first age the planet only had land at the north pole and the south pole, with naught but water between. The sorcererd used their power to build a wide band of land around the equator for their creations to do battle. The overall effect was like a striped billiard ball with the stripe as the equator.

2nd Age – 4th age

Still looks like a billiard ball but now the stripe runs north to south around the planet. the two ex-polar caps now make large islands in the middle of the east and west oceans.

5th Age

The world is primarily ocean with many island continents of odd structure scattered about. Each continent has it’s own enviornmental challenges and bizzarre occupants.

6th Age

not much of the Geography of the new world was recorded before it started shifting under the magical/chaos fueled continental shifts. The end result produced the map of Eberron.

Places of note:

Old Tazar

  • Bootytown: Home of the great arena!
  • Richard’s Court: A very nice place to live, and to be slaughtered by Llothian Ogres in
  • New Richard’s Court: An even better place to live.
  • The Grey/Nameth’s Land: Ravenloft!
  • Temple of the Ancient Gods: Featuring one level for each god, relics, an incredible number of magical pools, and the world-reknown Hall of Al
  • Palomine: Home to paladins and mines
  • Haven: Everything that Bootytown is not

Poison World

  • The Ellcrys
  • Telmewha Hennasayid
  • The Frisko: Sandwich-based continent. Home to the Temple of the Mind and the ruins of Bootytown.
  • The Patchwork Islands: Lots of currents and wind spirits make for dangerous sailing.
  • Cauldron

New Tazar

  • New Normington


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