Master Timeline

First Age- The Age of the Sorcerer Lords

Two Powerful sorcerer live on the poles of the planet. They are wthilogically opposed to each other but cannot directly confront each other as their powers wane the farther they move from their home pole. Using their powers in unison, they create a wide band of earth at the equator and send monsters and beasts to do battle there, each in the hopes that thier more powerful beasts can bring down the other. The war is ended as both socerers atempt to channel their tremendous power through the planet’s core at the home of the other, simultaniously. The result is a magical explosion that tips the plenet 90 degrees on its axis and changing the poles. Both Sorcerers were destroyed in the process.

Second Age- The Age of the Beasts

The beasts remaining bread and spread throughout the lands. Some of them gained intelligence (some even advanced intelligence). Those that were more capable, attracted the worhip of the others. The impact of this worship combined with the latent, untapped magic of the lands made them ersats gods. Over centuries small pockets of civilization rose amongst the primarily untamed beast lands. these civilizations wer normally short lived as the more beastly creatures would invariably destroy any outpost or villages that arose.
This went on for hundreds of years beform Mandrigore and his crew Discovered the planet and named it Tazar. They took to making areas of the world inhabitable by the people from their home world, which was similarly dangerous, despie its relatively advanced society. They quickly were able to tap into the latent Magicks of Tazar. That combined with their own already considerable power, and the worship they started recieving from the local denizens, escalated them to full god status. they also discover an intangible, partially sentient force here, which came to be known as Chaon. The chaon force/entity was determined to be a carrier of change and luck (good and bad luck). The new gods tookto clearing out the vicious beasts and finding ways to coexist with the civilized ones that remain (of which there are few). Meanwhile, one of Mandrigore’s rivals from their old world has managed to also get to Tazar with one of his generals and has set up his own deific foothold.

Third Age- Age of Settlement

Roughly 25% of the planet is inhabitable. the rest is either too hostile of a climate or controlled by vicious beasts. Hundreds of thousands of humans and demi-humans have been transplanted from their old hostile world to Tazar and have started populating. Several cities do exist with roads between them and trade routes that are heavily patrolled. Many cities serve as footholds for adventurers and servants of the gods to mount campaigns meant to make more of the planet habitable. The gods and their vassals often take an active part in global events.

Fourth Age- Modern Age (it is at various points in this age that most of the campaigns to date have taken place)

After a tremendous ongoing conflict with terrible casualties on both sides, the Gods make a pact forbidding them from taking direct action in the affairs of mortals. This does not prohibit Mortals from becoming embroiled in the conflicts of the gods. The gods discover a source of untapped magical power and use it to create avatars: demi-godly beings that serve the gods, but are not subject to the pact of non-interference.

Fifth Age- Post Apocalypse. A Chaos energy driven magical cataclysm tears the planet’s land and sea formations asunder leaving many dangerous and bizarre smaller continents and seas.

life is hard for all denizens of poisoned Tazar. The continents are bizarrly shaped and often a host to nightmarish creatures. Historians compare it to a latter-day age of beasts. The immortal Harrison resurfaces to engineer a means of transporting the populace to a les hostile planet (inspired by the gods’ actions in the second age).

Sixth Age- New World (This is the age after the populous ababndoned the Dying Tazar and founded New Tazar (just called Tazar)

The new world Is much les hostile than the last two worlds by and large, with areas of exception.
many magical changes transform the land and the populace joins forces with a tribal vegetable race to spread civilization into the untamed wilds.
Unfortunately the changes to the land and destructive magical pulses periodically change and ravage the land again. The source of these magical pulses is discovered and determined to be similar to the chaotic pulses that Chaon unleashed making old Tazar a poisoned world. A brave party adventures forth and discovers that the source is actually Chaon (him?)self in some sort of stasis. He had been sending pulses out for centuries as a sort of Distress call, specifically meant to attact Harrison Artifax. A side effect of these pulses was that they would actually disorient Harrison, and sometimes impose Amnesia or physical chages upon him, even transporting him to other dimensions and realities, taking him time to recover and regain the lost knowledge each time. Each time he had no knowledge of the source or intent of the pulse, but merely kept gaining stornger immunity to the side effects. The adventuring party determined much of this before another pulse was scheduled to be sent, and brought harrison to the epicenter. Harrison managed to Free Chaon form his/her/its imprisonment, theorhetically ending the endless cycles of civilization and cataclysm.

  • Locals and New residents unite (short lived campaign with some invented player races)
  • Varied Guilds take on strong Financial and political prevailabnce (Eberron becomes primary system)
  • Crossover! (another D&D Crossover. Started as a one-shot. became a 2+ year campaign)
  • Another game… i can’t remember the details.
  • Crossover! Revisited
  • Continental Shift (Games adopts Eberron Map and integrates the religeon as a parallel religeon.)
  • Eberron Game (I can’t remember the details)
  • World’s Largest Prison

Next Age ???
Not sure when or if this will start. i only know that it will be pathfinder.

Master Timeline

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