The Gods Came to Tazar Long after the death of the Sorcerer Lords, when the beasts that the Sorcerer Lords had created had Run amock. The Good Gods chose to make this Planet a safe place for people of their world to Live. Legend has it that humanity Started on a world far more dangerous (Greyhawk as GMed by maniacs) and that Mandrigore and his companions wanted a safere place for them to exist. Even largely filled with mindless beasts, Tazar could become that place. Nichnock and Warduke got wind of the planned utopia and stowed away when Mandrigore and his companions travelled to Tazar to prepare it for habitation.

Mandrigore (NG)
God of Nature and the Elements. Leader of the Good gods. Starter of the Avatar movement.
Symbol: Circle cut into quarters, with a representation of the four primary element in each segment.
Methods of Worship: Preservation of nature, Planting, raising animals. Alchemical study.

Julianna (LG)
Goddess of Healing, Beauty, and Fertility. Wife of Mandrigore. Matron of the ‘Healing Hand’ sisterhood of priestesses.
Symbol: An open right hand with fingers together surrounded by a white flame.
Methods of Worship: Beautification of anything, Expressions of love, Care for others.

Dryan (CG)
God Of Magic and Mirth. Son of Julianna and Mandrigore. “Birthed” by Julianna and Manrigore each Sireing 1/2-gods with Mortals, and then having those two joined in an elaborate magical ceremony. Prankster of the gods.
Symbol: any hybrid of Mandrigore and Juliana’s symbels
Methods of Worship: Study of magic, tricks, elaborate practical jokes.

Gandeck (LN)
God Of Strength and Battle.He and Mandrigore battled the great monsters so that Tazar would be inhabitable.
Symbol: A jagged-edged bastard sword crossed with a golden war hammer
Methods of Worship: Improving one’s physique, fighting for a cause

Grandel (LG)
God of Justice, Law, and Fair Play. Julianna’s Brother
Symbols: Scales of justice or a gauntleted fist
Methods of Worship: Displays of honor, chivalry, or trust. Seeing that justice is served.

Arcon (CG)
Elven god of Elves, Archery, Speed, and Hunting.
Symbol: Silver Bow, Bundle of Arrows
Methods of Worship: Hunting with good sportsmanship, improving archery skills, improving speed.

Dingrots (in the ‘current’ Ancient common: “Ingrod”)
Halfling god of Halflings, Home, and the Hearth.
Had his power stolen by the mantle thief during his rise in Pre-history. Later Regained his power by claiming some of the discovered mantle under Bootytown.

Schmeldrick (LN)
Dwarven God of Dwarves, Beer, Brawling, and the Forge. Creator of the Seven Swords, as well as most of Tazar’s Relics.
Symbol: Anything representing beer, brawling, or forging
Methods of Worship: Drinking beer, weaponless brawling, making things

Schnebly Gemfinder
Gnome God of Gnomes, Gensmithing, and mining.

Nichnock (LE)
Evil God of Assassins, Murder, Treachery, Decay, Orment, Oppression, and Death.
Symbol: Black Skull with red eyes, or any represenation of death.
methods of Worship: Murder, adding to death and decay, truthful deception

Lolth (NE) Goddess of Spiders, Drow, and Angst. Wife of Nichnock
Brought directly from Greyhawk to marry Nichnock and help him subvert the rule of mandrigore and the good gods.
Symbol: Black Widow spider
Methods of worship: Keeping spiders, causing angst in others

Malicia (CE)
Goddess of Perversion, Mutation, Lamice, Deformity, Deception, Lust, and Torture. Daughter of Lolth and Nichnock. “Birthed” by Nichnock harvesting an egg from a powerful alien creature that he had infused with his own power, then Gestated By Lolth shortly after her arraival. Is enamored by Dryan and his Chaotic nature.
Symbol: nothing distinct… any represenation of her aspects
Methods of Worship: Perferting the intent or purpose of anything, harboring malice, casuing mutations or deformities, engagin in acts of perversion

Evil God of War and Destruction.

G’Kilmdo’t the unpronouncable
God of Monsters and Terror. While his head is only slightly larger than normal than ahuman’s it is in the shape of a beholder. When he rose to godhood, he adopted this form in homage to the ancient monster of lore, Twillen the Abnormal.

Bo: Dryan’s Falcon: Messnger of Magic. Can assume the shape of any animal.
Frack: Dryan’s fairie dragon. Messnger of mirth
Faceless Demon Horde: Amalgamated name of other servants of Nichnock of less renown

Chaon (CN)
God of Chaos, Change, Fate, Lick, Karma, and Dichotomy. Oldest of the gods. Actually a force rather than an entity. Only of late have there been rumors of Chaon possessing a personality and form.
Symbol: any representation of one of his aspects, often a coalescence of colors or shapes.
Methods of Worship: Partaking in any action assocatiated with one of his aspects.


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